Who is Joost Delsink?

Who is Joost Delsink?

I  was born in 1973 in Nijmegen. Since 1998 I have lived and worked in Utrecht.

My style of painting can be compared to making a journey, where I am spontaneous and intuitive. My emotions are my guide, letting myself be surprised about what emerges on the canvas.

The results vary from loose to more constructive.

I love color combinations, lines, empty spaces and simple materials. I am happy to express feelings using color and paint.

Sometimes I remove the background of the painting, and leave behind a number of strokes on the canvas. I find my inspiration mainly from experiences on a spiritual plane, also from people, their feelings and relationships.

I look for beauty, harmony and balance, which I find in nature, which is also a source of inspiration for me.

I am not interested in painting pretty pictures. I want to paint something that goes beyond that which transcends. I want to leave the interpretation of my paintings open, so I prefer not title my paintings in case it may limit the viewer.

During 2005 - 2009 I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium.

Joost Delsink

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